Preforms constitute the basic product (semi-manufactured) from which bottles for various liquids are produced through an injection and blowing process. Preforms are currently one of the fastest growing and most sought after categories in the packaging segment in Myanmar. MM Interplast is a technology leader in the Myanmar market as one of the first companies to produce preforms using the most advanced and productive machines in the world. The raw material with which preforms are manufactured is PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).


MM Interplast concentrates on the supply, distribution and sales of plastic closures for beverage, food and non-food markets. Closure solutions range from simple liquid tight solutions to closures for the demanding challenges of carbonated soft drinks.

Other Containers

MM Interplast can also supply suitable containers for a variety of industries such as: Pharmaceutical, Household & Personal Care and Edible Oil.

Preforms PCO 1881, suitable for carbonated and non carbonated soft drinks

Weight 13g 17g 17.5g 22.28g
Use For 250ml 350ml 380ml 600ml

Water Preforms 29/25, suitable for water

Weight 14.2g 20.7g
Use For 300ml to 600ml 1000ml


Neck PCO 1881 29/25
Weight 2.35g 1.35g